There are generally a few possible causes for leaks, which we have given recommendations on how to resolve below. Believe it or not Leaks are totally NORMAL when you are first starting out with cloth diapers!  Usually it's just one little thing that needs to be tweeked and it should totally resolve any leaks you are having.

We've found that the Four Main Causes of leaks are:

  •  Improper Detergent (always check this First!)
  •  Not enough absorbency, or not changing baby often enough
  •  Improper fit
  •  Not enough Prewashing, as they can take up to 5 washes before some PODS  become fully absorbent

 Stripping the diapers and/or changing detergent might be necessary to resolve the leaks. There is a list on this page of recommended detergents.  Also, below we've listed our whole database for resolving leaks for you!  We hope you will find this information helpful and not overwhelming.  If you still have problems, please contact us!  Don't suffer in silence!

Resolving Leaks:

There are a few things to look at for the cause of leaks:

- Not enough absorbency 

This is easy to remedy, and most people do 1 of 2 things.  Add more absorbency by adding a second POD, (Use what you have on hand to test out absorbency, and use either a Small POD, or another Full Size POD, or even a flour sack towel or prefold).  OR, you can Try switching over to  Bamboo PODS instead.  Bamboo has amazing absorbency!  It has the ability to absorb 4 times what cotton does ,but is half the thickness!  So you get to have a SUPER absorbent diaper that is very very thin.  The Bamboo Pod is a bit more expensive than DryTouch, but it is truly the superior fiber for diapers.  Most people who need to save money start out with our SoftBums DryTouch Pods, and then as they save money, switch over to Bamboo(unless they've gotten the recommendation from a friend to simply choose all bamboo!)  

Our recommendations for starting out with absorbency issues is to try 1-3 of the Large DryTouch Pods.  They are your best bang for the buck!  

-Adjusted too tight or too loose or other improper fit.  

You should be able to cross the tabs over for a baby 3 mo or younger.  If you cannot cross the tabs over on a newborn, you probably have the legs far too tight.  You can try loosening them an inch or more and then pulling the POD up very high to the belly button, and THEN closing the diaper so that the tabs cross over.  

 Here's a helpful video tutorial for getting the right fit:
We highly suggest using this formula to size and fit the diapers properly:

TIP: For the Omni, add .5 inch to the formula (so 2 inches instead of 1.5)

-  Improper Detergent for Cloth diapers

Too much detergent, use of fabric softener or natural based detergents or excessive use of harsh additives such as vinegar or bleach and soaking the diapers cause build up and therefore, leaks. You'll want to strip the diapers and modify the wash routine. Leaks due to build up or detergent issues often cause "repelling" where the liquids don't absorb quick enough and roll out the diaper before being absorbed. This can be remedied by stripping the diapers and changing detergents and wash routines.

-Pod or insert Falling down too far into Shell.
If the insert is falling too far down in front, liquids will pass straight through the diaper because the liquid isn't being absorbed straight into the insert. This can be quickly resolved by pulling the POD/ insert up higher,  through the legs firm, and then snug against the baby's body and then pull the shell over as a second step. The pod should only come up part way up the aplix strip of the shell (too high and you can get leaks out the top, too low and the insert can slip down and cause falling/bulging/bunching) so that when the velcro tabs are fastened, they hold the pods in place. After fastening the tabs, lift the legs up and run your fingers along the leg elastic to make sure all the pod is inside the shell and there is no gaping etc.