Just follow this simple plan:

1. CLEAN DIAPERS - If you want to strip your cloth diapers and they're all dirty, just run through the first part of your wash routine. Do your cold (or warm) rinse and your hot wash. Otherwise move on to step 2 if you've already got clean diapers.

2. HOT WASHES - Stripping is just a way of removing build up (from either detergent or rash cream) from the materials of your diapers and pods/inserts. To do this all you need to do is wash your diapers on HOT with NO DETERGENT. Repeatedly - until you see no more detergent bubbles. Remember: bubbles from your detergent and bubbles from your agitator are different. Don't confuse the two or you may do more washes than you need. The third wash is a good time to start checking for bubbles and go from there depending on what you see.

3.  DRY - Do whatever you normally do to dry your diapers. Do what works for you.

4. ANALYZE - There's really no step 4, but it's a really good time to think about your wash routine and what could be causing your problems. If you have to strip your diapers - something's not right. Especially if you're stripping every month. Whether that means switching to another recommended detergent, using less or more (using less would help with build up and using more usually solves the stinky issue), or changing around the amount you wash at one time with the correct water level.