It is necessary to strip diapers when having issues with leaks or smells caused by build up. First off, if you don't want to go through the stripping process from home, you can look into our "Diaper Service Stripping Service"  It takes all the work and stress out of stripping, and saves you countless hours of worry of wondering if you are doing it correctly!  There's nothing worse than seeing your baby in pain from a bad rash!

If you'd like to go ahead and strip your diapers from home you can easily do so. It can be tedious, but it's really quite simple if you follow these recommendations:
You'll need to use a detergent of some sort(our recommendation is Lulu's) in the first wash ONLY. You can use your regular detergent (use more than you normally do for stripping, so if you usually use 1/4 cap, for stripping use 3/4 cap). Or you can use 1tsp. of Dawn dish detergent. It's typically very effective at removing the buildup. Use just a small amt of Dawn in the first load. With an HE washer you'll only need 1 teaspoon of Dawn. Dawn can work very well, but may not for some applications. Also, it may void your HE warranty by using dawn, even though many parents have used it just fine. RLR laundry treatment is another option for stripping your diapers.
Use VERY HOT water to strip your diapers. Turning your water heater up all the way not only helps with stripping, but is also recommended for every day washing. If you have an HE washer, stripping can be harder because you will not be getting as much water in your washer as would be ideal. You can try some of our HE tricks (included below in this email). 

 It looks a little complicated but don't worry, it's pretty easy. The main thing to remember is to use hot water on the highest level, and an extra amount of detergent in the first load. Then just continue to wash and wash and wash in plain HOT water.

To strip your diapers:
1. Add 3/4 recommended amount of detergent.
2. Wash diapers on HOT with detergent
3. Make sure the water level is on high. Having plenty of water is essential to getting the diapers clean.  (For HE or Frontloader use the delicate cycle to add the most amount of water to your load, and add diapers wet, not dry.  Do NOT ever use the Sanitize cycle as it will delaminate your shells)
4. Wash diapers on hot again, this time with no detergent.
5. Wash an additional two times on hot, with no detergent

The diapers can be washed as hot as 140 degrees (we do not recommend the sanitize cycle if it raises the temperature to above 140 degrees as it can damage the diapers). Please note that we do not recommend products such as bleach, oxy clean, bac out, and vinegar because they are harsh on the materials in SoftBums diapers. (Bleach can be used on the dry touch pods, but is not recommended on the shells). Also, many natural detergents have natural softeners & oils that can cause build up (which leads to smells and leaks).