The difference between the Echo and Omni is with the shell (the pods are interchangeable). The Omni allows for stuffing and is essentially a cover with a snap and a pocket. So it can be used as a pocket diaper, a cover, or an all in two system. The Omni is also a bit wider which allows for more coverage. The Echo, on the other hand, is simply an all in two system (cover + snap for snap in pods). It's cut just a bit trimmer than the Omni. When used as a pocket diaper, where the insert is stuffed inside the diaper, the Omni is only a "one time use" diaper. Whereas, both the Echo and Omni can be used as an all in two diaper, which will allow you to get more uses out of the cover.

Many of our customers like to have a mix of both and use the Echo for daytime and the Omni for nighttime. A lot of people love the Echo best for newborns because it's a smaller/trimmer fit for small babies. However, both systems will work great for newborns to toddlers.